St Peters Church, Cooks River, History Group is active in researching and presenting the history of people and places connected with St Peters, Sydenham and Tempe.

  • The history team conducts walks around the suburbs of Tempe and St Peters, as well as tours of our historic and heritage listed buildings and graveyard.
  • Giving illustrated talks to community groups and schools is also part of our programme.
  • Walks and talks can be structured to suit various needs.

  • A painted book cover showing a row of terrace houses
    MY PLACE by Nadia Wheatley & Donna Rawlins

    ‘My Place’ is Our Place. In 1988, bicentenary year, the Marrickville based author Nadia Wheatley produced a book called ‘My Place’ for children.The story traces the history of the site of a terrace house back through time in 10 year intervals from 1988 to 1788. Life is seen through the eyes of the children who lived in each era. Not only are there reflections on how things change but also maps, drawn by children, that graphically illustrate the changes.

    In ‘My Place’ the historical and geographical background is based on ‘Our Place’, the Suburbs of St Peters, Sydenham and Tempe. Some of the buildings in the story have been relocated and the dates adjusted to suit the story, but many of them existed and can still be viewed today.

  •  ‘My Place Walks’ have been discontinued for the present time due to disruption by the construction the West Connex roadway through St Peters.

Services are provided free of charge.

Groups interested in church, local and family history are invited to contact
Bob & Laurel Horton on (02) 9558 7504 Mobile 0402 145 749 or by using our contact form.

history-toursThe first Saturday of every month is OPEN AFTERNOON
from 1.30pm–4.30pm.

  • Tour the graveyard.
  • Inspect the historic buildings.
  • View DVDs on the history of the church and local area.
  • Research ancestors on our computer data base and microfiche.
  • Listen to ‘Voices in the Graveyard’ audios.
  • View our historical displays.
  • Afternoon tea provided.

and it’s all FREE

Historical display in tower room of church.