Voices in the Graveyard

How did a person die? Who were they? Listen to our Voices in the Graveyard audios. Do it now online at home or better still visit the graveyard, stand by the grave and, using your mobile device, capture the 19th atmosphere among the historic headstones. The music on the audios are 19th century hymns played by our … Continue reading Voices in the Graveyard



19th CENTURY COOK’S RIVER  CALENDAR Newspaper accounts of events in the area 1st January, 1848 TO SPORTSMEN. A PIGEON MATCH will take place at Mr. Gannon’s Union Inn, on the corner of what is now Gannon Street and the Princes Highway. Cook’s River, THIS DAY and MONDAY, 1st and 3rd January, when several Prizes will … Continue reading 19th CENTURY COOK’S RIVER CALENDAR