Information Panels in Graveyard

On Saturday 5th April 2014 the 175th anniversary of the first burial in St Peters Graveyard was commemorated. To mark the occasion 12 permanent information panels were installed in the graveyard. These panels relate to people from the local area and their significance in the history of that area. Any visitor to the graveyard can … Continue reading Information Panels in Graveyard



19th CENTURY COOK’S RIVER  CALENDAR Newspaper accounts of events in the area 1st January, 1848 TO SPORTSMEN. A PIGEON MATCH will take place at Mr. Gannon’s Union Inn, on the corner of what is now Gannon Street and the Princes Highway. Cook’s River, THIS DAY and MONDAY, 1st and 3rd January, when several Prizes will … Continue reading 19th CENTURY COOK’S RIVER CALENDAR


  PUGILISM The sport of pugilism, or bare knuckled fighting, was illegal. The names, (although often with an alias) of the participants, and the hoteliers, who stood to gain much from the activity are known, however, the spectators remain anonymous. The exact location of some of the fights is difficult to identify, some being described … Continue reading Pugilism

Cooks River Nineteenth Century Sporting Life

Cooks River Nineteenth Century Sporting Life The recent digitisation of newspapers by the National Library of Australia, has created a greater awareness of life in the Cook’s River area in the 19th century. The term ‘Cook’s River’ has a certain flexibility regarding geographic location but textual clues indicate where an event took place. Sporting activity … Continue reading Cooks River Nineteenth Century Sporting Life