Marrickville – a past worth preserving

Marrickville: a past worth preserving. a collection of articles submitted to an essay competition organised by the Marrickville Heritage Society. Contents in order of publication: A fresh look at 19th century St Peters, by Robert Horton Questions about the recording of the history of St Peters. A St Peters family, by Laurel Horton Story of … Continue reading Marrickville – a past worth preserving


A St Peters Family

Ebenezer and Harriettt Hoppitt left Stapleford. near Cambridge, on board the “Boanerges”, arriving in Sydney on 20th October 1857. With them were their children Alice aged twelve, William ten and Sarah Ann eight. According to shipping records Ebenezer, 40 years, was an agricultural labourer who could neither read nor write, Harriettt, 38 years, could read and write, the children could all read. They settled in the St Peters area where, apart from a few years in the southern highlands, they were to spend the rest of their lives.