Marrickville – a past worth preserving

Marrickville: a past worth preserving. a collection of articles submitted to an essay competition organised by the Marrickville Heritage Society. Contents in order of publication: A fresh look at 19th century St Peters, by Robert Horton Questions about the recording of the history of St Peters. A St Peters family, by Laurel Horton Story of … Continue reading Marrickville – a past worth preserving

Employment of Children

In England the Parliament Act of 1833 excluded children under the age of 10 from working in factories. Lord Shaftesbury’s Ten Hours Act (1847) eased some of the excessive hardships endured by children in the workplace. With the passing of the Elementary Education Act in 1870 children were prised out of paid employment and placed in some form of compulsory schooling. This legislation was not applicable to New South Wales. [...] Pugger-Up’s letter created a series of letters to the Editor disputing the number of bricks made in a day and the depth of the various pits.