Following the interest shown at the meeting of brickmaking families at St Peters Church we have created a listing from the baptisimal register of the church to further the awareness of the number of families employed in that industry in the area during the 19th century.

The following alphabetical listing is of brickmakers’ children baptised at St Peters Church, Cooks River. Only the first child baptised is listed and should not be confused with firstborn.

The listing from left to right represents
1. Date of birth
2. Child’s name
3, Father’s name
4. Mother’s name
5. Surname (in alphabetical order)
6. Occupation
7. Address (Abbreviated)
Details omitted are date of baptism, minister’s name and other annotations.

28/1/57 Edward Henry Thomas Mary Adamson Staunton(?) Brickmaker Newtown

19/2/99 Dorothy Mona Charles Henry Catherine Alcock Brick Carter St. Peters.

29/1/59 John Wickham John Elizabeth Allen Brickmaker Newtown

22/5/90 Erle Joseph Francis Salome Williams Allen Brickmaker Goodsell St.

17/2/90 Alfred William Moseley Alfred James Mary Ann Ankers Brickmaker Macdonaldtown

25/12/93 Christina Agnes Alfred James Minnie Ankers Brickmaker St. Peters. Church St.

28/12/74 Ada Thomas Charlotte Appleby Brickmaker St. Peters

1/3/87 Ethel May Walter Maria Asmus Brick Carter Marrickville Holmsdale St.

5/7/69 Sarah Helena (?) Alfred Mary Ann Aston Brickmaker Waterloo

5/9/48 Fanny John Catherine Attrill Brickmaker Dukes Farm

27/1/87 Harry Norman John Esther Bains Brickmaker Lord St.

26/8/80 Leah May James L. Ellen Baker Brick Carter Hutchinson St.

23/1/66 Alice Ada John Salisbury Jane Baker Brickmaker St. Peters

17/7/83 Lily Jane William Sarah Baker Brickmaker Newtown Laura St.

1/10/57 Elizabeth John Eliza Barlow Brickmaker Stanmore Newtown

6/12/58 Elizabeth Thomas Ellen Barnes Brickmaker St. Peters

14/7/91 Sarah Ann Francis Henry Mary Barnet Brick Burner Campbell St.

20/7/94 Florence Margaret Francis Henry Mary Barnett Brickburner St. Peters. Campbell St.

15/5/87 Sydney George Francis Henry Mary Barnett Brickmaker Campbell St.

13/10/56 Sarah Charles Selina Bates Brickmaker Waterloo

11/10/85 Robert Oswald Robert Eliza Bates Brickmaker King St or Cooks River Rd.

7/9/85 Alice Eliza John Sarah Alice Beasley Brickmaker St. Peters Brown St.

22/3/66 Thomas George Elizabeth Beasley Brickmaker St. Peters. Florence St.

30/9/87 Agnes John Agnes Bell Brickmaker Vulcan Terrace No.1.

28/6/84 Frederick Walter Charles Gertrude Buchanan Bentley Brickmaker Homebush

20/3/77 Emily Samuel Eliza Bloomfield Brickmaker Newtown Camden St.

17/12/41 Frances George Mary Blount Brickmaker Newtown

15/4/80 Henry Thomas Thomas H. Mary J. Blundell Brickmaker Wells St.

27/9/54 Sarah John Sarah Bootes Brickmaker Waterloo Estate

19/1/47 Thomas John Robinson Mary Booth Brickmaker Enmore

8/8/56 John Henry Henry Margaret Booth Brickmaker St. Peters

18/1/94 Harold Edgar Robert Edgar Maria Boots Brick Carter Newtown. King St.

25/12/50 Henry John Sarah Boots Brickmaker Newtown

24/7/59 William John Ann Boots Brickmaker Waterloo

12/2/74 James Henry James Louisa Boots Brickmaker St. Peters

20/5/76 Mary Albertina Henry Mary Boots Brickmaker St. Peters

21/9/87 Gertrude Lavinia Fredrick Gertrude Boots Brickmaker Newtown King St.

5/9/57 Kate Elizabeth James Sarah Bottle Brickmaker Waterloo

2/1/79 James Robert Henry William Rosanna Bovis Brickmaker St.Peters

15/1/81 Roseabella John Angeline B. Bowen Brickmaker St. Peters

8/12/80 Alfred Augustus Samuel Susan Bradshaw Brick Carter May St.

6/9/83 William James Jane Bradshaw Brick Carter Lackey St.

20/10/84 Rosanah Louisa Charles Margaret Bradshaw Brick Carter Newtown

8/4/73 Emily Jane William Susan Ann Bradshaw Brickmaker St.Peters

22/9/83 Alfred Frederick Martha Branson Brickmaker Chappel St.

21/8/51 Thomas David Robert Ann Bratby Brickmaker Newtown

8/6/51 Amelia Louise Henry Elizabeth Bratby Knight Brickmaker Newtown

17/10/80 Elizabeth Anne Charles Lucy Brown Brickmaker Silver St.

28/3/94 Ruby May George Alfred Catherine Brown Brickmaker Macdonaldtown.

8/6/85 Georgina Esther Christopher Susan Emily Buelen Brickmaker St. Peters.

6/7/99 Leslie William William Alice Ada Bull Brickmaker Brown St.

9/6/90 Ruby Christina Eliza William Mary Jane Burgess Brickmaker Hutchinson St.

26/4/73 William Joseph Mary Ann Burrell Brickmaker St. Peters. Crown St.

3/4/83 Henry Henry A. Agnes Burrell Brickmaker St. Peters

8/2/85 Joseph Arthur Arthur Edith Mary Burrell Brickmaker St. Peters

2/4/85 William Alfred HenryAlfred Agnes Burrell Brickmaker Cooks River Rd.

16/1/94 Bertie John Henry Alfred Agnes Burrow Brickmaker Sutherland St.

29/10/86 James Martin Luther Mary Cadman Brickmaker Waterloo Rd.

2/4/61 Sarah Jane Edward Frances Campbell Brickmaker Newtown

30/4/52 Kesia James Lucy Card Brickmaker St. Peters

3/7/72 Clara Lucy John Maria Card Brickmaker St. Peters

8/11/85 Arthur ernest Sydney John Alice Cartwright Brickmaker Silver St.

12/5/44 Henry Henry Frances Chapel Brickmaker Wardell’s Bush

7/3/54 George Nathaniel Henry Frances Chappall Brickmaker Newtown

28/10/46 Caroline Elizabeth Henry Frances Chappell Brickmaker Newtown

27/12/77 Charles Henry Charles Pheobe Chappell Brickmaker St. Peters. Church St.

16/5/89 Emily Esther John Eliza Cheeseman Brick Carter Campbell St.

24/8/79 Florence Isabella Herbert Henrietta Elizabeth Choat Brickmaker St. Peters

14/12/83 Maria Jane Thomas Margaret Clifton Brickmaker Church St.

16/11/89 William Alexander John Alexander May Cochran Brick Carter Lackey St. No.18.

25/6/82 Elizabeth Margaret John Margaret A. Cochrane Brick Carter Robert St.

2/8/77 Ehel Hope George Mary Ann Cochrane Brickmaker Marrickville

10/7/80 Ada Eliza James Mary Ann Cock Brickmaker St. Peters

9/10/82 Stella Gertrude William George Julia M. Collings Brick Master S. Kingston

30/7/95 Cecil William Collins William Emma Collins Brick Carter Eveleigh. Wells St.

1/9/86 Elsie May James Sophie Colyer Brickburner Marrickville Edinburgh Rd.

20/4/84 Elizabeth Isabel James William Sophia Colyer Brickmaker Cambell St. off.

2/2/93 George Henry James Sophy Colyer Brickmaker St. Peters. Crown St.

30/9/82 William Thomas ________ Combellack Brickmaker St. Peters

28/5/89 Bertha Harriet William Jane Connolly Brickmaker Crown St.

22/7/92 Lilian Pearl John Edwin Jane Harris Cook Brick Carter Florence St.

13/12/43 John John Mary Cook Brickmaker Newtown

13/7/63 Clara Ann James Mary Ann Cook Brickmaker St. Peters

15/7/83 Margaret Frances George Margaret Cook Brickmaker Garden St.

4/8/84 Thomas Henry John Mary Ann Cook Brickmaker St. Peters

3/10/91 Clarence William Bank Henry Elizabeth Cook Brickmaker Florence St.

20/10/95 Mary Ellen George Ellen Cook Brickmaker St. Peters. Albert St.

15/8/75 Mary Ann Edith Richard Caroline Cox Brickmaker Enmore

15/7/81 Maud John Elizabeth Cox Brickmaker St. Peters

4/2/64 Ebenezer Frederick Nobbs Ebenezer Emma Craddick Brickmaker St. Peters

6/10/84 Selina George Thomas Emma Craddock Brickmaker Macdonaldtown. Amy St.

7/10/50 Joseph Joshua Mary Crofsland Brickmaker Cooks River

7/9/92 Lily Amelia James Thomas _________ Culbert Brick Carter. Frederick St.

1/10/86 Thomas James Michael Eliza Cummings Brick Carter Newtown Maria St.

27/11/75 Clive Pemberton Frederick Georgiana Curlewis Brick Master Marrickville

24/7/79 Sydney George Albert Sarah A. Curtis Brick Carter Newtown Maria St.

9/9/72 Alice Albert Sarah Ann Curtis Brickmaker Newtown

7/3/50 Mary Ann William Margaret Dalton Brickmaker Enmore

11/9/57 Sarah Anne John Louisa Dalton Brickmaker Waterloo

5/5/59 Charles Frederick William Margaret Dalton Brickmaker Waterloo Estate

13/5/59 Louisa John Louisa Dalton Brickmaker Waterloo Estate

25/8/90 George Sydney James Grace Ann Mary Daly Brickmaker Maria St.

26/8/73 Herbert George Joseph Eliza Davis Brickmaker Sydney Parramatta St.

21/3/85 Elizabeth Joseph Elizabeth Dawson Brickmaker Grove

16/2/86 Martha Amelia William Jane Dawson Brickmaker Albert St.

15/8/55 Charles Thomas Charles Susan Dean Brickmaker Newtown

12/5/87 Margaret George Elizabeth Den Brickmaker Albert St.

8/10/87 Hector James George Eve Dixon Brickmaker Frederick St.

9/3/86 Herbert Thomas Randolph Frederick William Mary Jane Douglas Brickmaker St. Peters.

8/6/92 William James James Annie Drane Brick Line (?) Cambell St. No.3.

22/11/73 Mary Millison William Charles Mary Dunnett Brickmaker Newtown

17/10/98 William James Robert Jemima Dunning Brick Carter St. Peters. Campbell St.

18/2/93 Helen Alfred Hannah Melville Duproy Brickmaker Newtown. Islington St.

13/10/54 John John Ann Dwight Brickmaker Newtown

28/11/84 Ellen George Jessie Ebsworth Brick Carter Newtown King St.

26/11/53 Mary Samuel Sarah Edge Brickmaker Waterloo Estate

11/1/67 James John James Sarah Edwards Brickmaker Marrickville Born Goulburn

21/10/76 William James Wiliam John Isabella Edwards Brickmaker St. Peters

22/4/78 Albert Ernest Albert Annie Edwards Brickmaker St. Peters

4/8/81 Edwin Herbert Hannah Edwards Brickmaker Mary St.

9/5/58 William Robert Thomas William Pheobe Eggleton Brickmaker Newtown

22/8/93 Gladys Maud James Thomas Emily Frances Elstub Brickmaker St. Peters.

29/8/98 Lily Alice Victoria Robert Ann Emblem Brick Carter Cooks River. Brown St.

18/9/57 Alfred Henry Alfred Hannah Emery Brickmaker Waterloo Estate

20/8/53 Isabella Harriet Alfred Anna Emery (Amery?) Brickmaker Waterloo Estate

14/5/54 Richard John Samuel Charlotte Fifield Brickmaker Enmore

26/4/45 Charles Charles Anna Flint Brickmaker Newtown

2/5/58 Amy Mary John Amey Follan Brickmaker Newtown

10/9/84 Francis James James Ann Amelia Footitt Brickmaker Tempe

12/2/73 Agnes Lillian William Borrill Rachel Frost Brickmaker Macdonald Town

22/6/55 Elizabeth Jefsie John Elizabeth Galloway Brickmaker Newtown

12/10/59 Mary Maria John Caroline Gardener Brickmaker Waterloo Estate

6/5/75 Charles Stanley John Mary Ann Gardner Brickmaker St. Peters

28/9/76 Carmen(i)a May John Caroline Gardner Brickmaker St. Peters

12/3/77 William John John Mary Ann Gardner Brickmaker North Shore

11/7/73 Caroline Florence William Mary Garwell Brickmaker Newtown

27/2/99 Violet Mabel Henry Amy Gentle Brick Carter St. Peters. May St.

7/9/95 Stanley James Emmanuel James Annie I. Gentle Brick carter Cooks River Rd.

22/8/87 Josiah Jubilee Josiah Dinah Ellen Gentle Brick Master Cooks River Rd.

11/12/67 Mercy Rebecca Josiah Dinah Helen Gentle Brickmaker St. Peters

18/9/74 Walter Josiah Charles Sarah Ann Gentle Brickmaker St. Peters

21/2/80 Eva Eliza Charles Maria Gilbert Brickmaker Cooks River Road

1/3/92 Annie Louisa Edward Elisabetha Caroline Gillroy Brickmaker Campbell St.

5/5/83 Alice Adela Annette William Clara L. Girdler Brickmaker Brown St.

11/2/95 Ethel May Charles Robert Eliza Emily Godfrey Brickmaker Tempe. Cooks River Rd.

16/9/87 Nathaniel David Tom Sid Elizabeth Goodridge Brickmaker Goodsell St.

28/9/84 Anny May Frederick Ann Christina Gorman Brickmaker St. Peters Church St.

20/12/91 Annie Michael Susan Gorman Brickmaker Mortdale

27/1/95 Clarence Arthur Frederick Anne Clementina Gorman Brickmaker St. Peters.

20/9/85 Charles Robert Jane Goymour Brick Carter Cooks River Rd.

31/5/90 Milford Christina Gottlieb Elizabeth Günther Brick Burner Toogood St.

6/7/54 Edward George Edward Mary Hall Brickmaker (?)

14/6/76 Walter Walter Martha Halverson Brickmaker St. Peters

14/11/88 Ada Charles Thirza Hames Brickmaker Hutchinson St.

12/6/91 Henry Dennis Dennis Eliza Hammell Brickmaker Newtown. Iredale St.

19/3/86 Herbert Stanley Elias James Lydia Harber Brick Manufacturers Clerk Cooks River Rd.

27/5/90 Victor Ernest Elias James Lydia Harber Brick Works Manager Cooks River Rd.

12/4/60 Alfred Abel Abel Jane Harber Brickmaker Waterloo Estate

24/4/80 Alice Elfrida Alfred A. Emmeline .A Harber Brickmaker St. Peters

6/11/87 Harold Otto Elias James Lydia Harber Brickmaker Cooks River Rd.

30/9/43 Eliza Esther Thomas Harriet Harris Brickmaker Newtown

7/5/75 Rosanna Charles Louisa Harris Brickmaker St. Peters

17/5/80 Eliza Alfred Annie Harris Brickmaker St. Peters

12/3/90 George Thomas Stephen James Jessie Amelia Harris Brickmaker Oatley

20/12/81 Aubrey Temple Aubrey Temple Elizabeth Harrison Brickmaker St. Peters

30/12/89 Arthur Henry John Annie Hartley Brick Carter Hutchinson St.

7/9/91 Annie May John William Ann Jane Hartley Brick Carter Lackey St.

1/8/88 Elizabeth May John Sarah Jane Hawkins Brick Carter Alexandria Campbell St.

12/5/99 William Robert William Ernest Henrietta Hawkins Brick Carter Campbell St.

21/5/77 Violet Jefse Mary Ann Hawkins Brickmaker St. Peters

2/12/86 Richard James John Sarah Jane Hawkins Brickmaker Mary Street

20/2/81 Alfred Ernest Josiah Elizabeth E. Hayden Brick Carter Marrickville

8/1/82 Arthur Thomas Thomas Matilda Hayes Brickmaker St. Peters

16/3/86 Amy Violet John Joseph Mary Jane Hennessey Richards Brickmaker Victoria (as is)

4/9/85 Linda Muriel Henry FrancisAnnie Elizabeth Herridge Brickmaker Macdonaldtown. Amy

26/5/50 Winifred Sarah James Mary Heyhorn Brickmaker Cooks River

25/4/88 Alice Maud William Mary Hickmott Brickmaker Heathcote

15/4/85 John William John Sarah Ann Hill Brickmaker St. Peters.

5/2/86 Emily Ada Henry William Louisa Hill Brickmaker Mary St.

12/11/87 Henry Samuel Samuel Edith Hill Brickmaker Cooks River Rd.

21/7/88 Frederick James James Louisa Ann Hill Brickmaker Penshurst Morts Rd.

8/1/70 Clara Christina Peter Sarah Hogden brickmaker St.Peters

14/8/86 Edith Florence Joseph Harriet Homer Brickmaker Silver St.

30/4/56 Anna Benjamin Sarah Ann Hopping Brickmaker Stanmore

23/10/80 Charlotte Caroline Jesse Ellen Howard Brickmaker Cooks River Road

9/12/83 Harriet Lavinia John Harriet Howard Brickmaker Alfred St.

30/3/86 Elsie May James Matilda Howarth Brickmaker Grove

18/3/55 James David Martha Howlet Brickmaker Cooks River

13/6/52 Sarah William Sarah Hubbard Brickmaker Newtown

7/12/84 Blanche Jane John William Blanche (sic) Mary Hughes Brick Carter St. Peters.

23/5/82 Arthur George John Ellen M. Humphries Brick Carter MacDonald Town Divine St.

25/3/45 Angelina John Elizabeth Hunt Brickmaker Newtown

15/9/55 William William Charlotte Huntingdon Brickmaker Newtown

30/4/91 Leslie Walter Joseph James Emily Maud Hutchinson Brick Carter Marrickville.

12/2/92 Sydney Albert Alexander Alick Eliza Hutchinson Brick Carter Maria St.

6/11/92 James Alexander James Maud Hutchison Brick Carter Newtown. Maria St.

7/8/94 Frederick Thomas Thomas Martin Annie Ionn Brickmaker Alexandria.

23/10/82 Maud Eleanor William Margaret Irwin Brickmaker Cooks River Rd.

11/6/84 Frederick Alfred Frederick Jane Ives Brick Merchant McDonald Town

14/10/63 Mary Phillis Frederick Jane Ann Ives Brickmaker St. Peters

12/3/89 Ada Elizabeth Joseph Ada Jackson Brickmaker Lord St.

30/12/60 Anne William Mary Jamison Brickmaker Newtown

11/5/99 Jean May Thomas Martin Annie John (Ionn) Brickmaker St. Peters.

18/4/48 William Joseph Sarah Johnson Brickmaker Enmore Petersham

6/7/85 Ellen Eliza Thomas Henry Sarah Jane Jones Brick Manufacturer May St.

15/8/46 Charles John Mary Ann Jones Brickmaker Duke’s Farm

16/3/55 Elizabeth Ann Thomas Ellen Jones Brickmaker Enmore

7/6/81 Alfred Ernest Thomas Lydia Jones Brickmaker Marrickville Sydenham Rd.

7/11/85 Matilda Jane Frederick Matilda Elizabeth Jones Brickmaker Crown st.

6/12/88 Robert Thomas Thomas Henry ________ Jones Brickmaker Alfred St.

21/11/95 William Thomas Martin Annie Jones Brickmaker St. Peters. Anne St.

6/4/52 Robert Francis Robert Sarah Keen Brickmaker Newtown

22/9/80 William James William James Mary A. Kember Brickmaker St. Peters

26/11/86 Elsie Maude Henry Amos Elizabeth Jane Kember Brickmaker Newtown King St.

11/3/91 William Leslie James Henry James Jane King Brick Carter Alexandria.

8/1/95 Harriet Levina John Annie Eliza King Brick Carter Newtown.

29/4/57 Charles Benjamin James Jane King Brickmaker Petersham

16/3/84 James Henry Charles B. Sarah J. King Brickmaker Auburn

7/8/86 Ethel Maud Henry James Jane King Brickmaker Campbell St.

29/12/88 Ruby Pearl Tom Rose Maude King Brickmaker Maria St.

15/6/91 Violet Lilian Charles Sarah Jane King Brickmaker Macdonaldtown. Devine St.

4/2/96 Elizabeth Ann Charles Benjamin Sarah Jane King Brickmaker Redfern.

10/5/75 Emma Jane Parker William Elizabeth Anne King Parker Brickmaker St. Peters

9/3/48 Henry Charles Henry Matilda Langton Brickmaker Newtown

11/8/79 Bertha Henry Sarah A. Langton Brickmaker St. Peters Hutchinson St.

28/6/89 Agnes Lilia (sic) John Jessie Lawler Brick Carter Lackey St.

11/10/88 Henry Hume Lawson James Ellen Lawson Brickmaker Gordon Terrace

14/10/78 James Ernest Allswell James Charles Jane Mercy Lefroy Brickmaker Islington St.

27/1/82 Percy Ralph David Sarah A. Lendown Brickmaker St. Peters

8/4/83 Arthur Sydney John A. Eliza Lendown Brickmaker St. Peters. Church St.

8/11/99 Elsie May John Edward Wilhelmina Lewis Brick Setter Petersham.
28/11/83 Elsie Philadelphia Bernard Phoebe Lind Brickmaker Marrickville

26/3/94 Doris Hilda James Celeste Logan Brickmaker Newtown. Wells St.

23/12/60 Martin Edwards George Mary Anne Long Brickmaker St. Peters

31/1/78 John David David Sarah Ann Louden Brickmaker St. Peters

17/9/80 John Alexander John A. Eliza Loudown Brickmaker St. Peters

12/4/94 Ivy John Jessie Louie Brick Carter St. Peters. Lackey St.

25/9/57 George Henry William Sarah Ann Luck Brickmaker Enmore

30/10/87 Thomas George George Mary Ann Malley Brickmaker Crown St.

27/8/43 Ann Frederick Mahala Markwick Brickmaker Newtown

31/3/45 Samuel Thomas Charlotte Marriott Brickmaker Erskineville

15/11/87 William James James Ellen Marshall Brickmaker Pearl St.

7/1/88 Edith Maud Walter Henry Ayres Elizabeth Martin Brickmake Campbell St.

24/3/88 Alice Elizabeth George Thomas Hannah Martin Brickmaker May St.

15/4/89 Lilian May Edward Fanny jane Martin Brickmaker Church St.

19/7/90 Rose Cardella George Thomas Ellen Martin Brickmaker May St.

5/2/92 Francis Henry Henry William Maggie Martin Brickmaker St. Peters Street.

10/2/95 Hilda Martha Edward Annie Jane Martin Brickmaker St. Peters. Crown St.

3/11/95 Herbert Joseph Lizzie Martin Brickmaker Newtown. May St.

30/5/60 Annie Samuel Mary Anne Matchett Brickmaker Newtown

4/8/91 George Frederick Samuel Steven George Alice Matchett Brickmaker Macdonaldtown.

1/4/96 Bertia Clarence William Elizabeth Mathews Brickmaker St. Peters. May St.

26/5/86 Florence Jane John Betsy Maxwell Brickmaker May St.

7/1/87 William Henry Neil Elizabeth Jane McCleod Brickmaker Cooks River Rd.

25/4/72 Emily Jane Donald Jane McDonald Brickmaker St. Peters

24/10/65 John Edward Mary Ann Merry Brickmaker Waterloo

24/12/82 Mary Ann Charlotte John William Mary MiddletonBrickmaker Alfred St.

8/3/85 William joseph Emanuel Hannah Millar Brickmaker Newtown King St.

?/10/92 George Henry Frederick Hannah Miller Brick Carter Vickery’s Terrace

29/8/91 Harriet Annie Charles Robert Annie Miller Brickmaker Croydon

23/4/57 Henry William Prudence Mills Brickmaker St. Peters

19/2/90 Christina John Annie Mills Brickmaker Newtown. Pearl St.

7/7/57 Alexander Alexander John Maryanne Minor Brickmaker St. Peters

31/3/80 Alexander Joseph Alexander Anne M. Minor Brickmaker Hutchinson St.

21/10/56 Thomas Thomas Sarah Mongomery Brickmaker Newtown

20/12/68 Anne Maude Eveline Robert Jane Montgomery Brickmaker Lord St.

21/2/91 Richard James Richard Sarah Allwood Morgan Ivory Brickmaker St. Peters.

29/11/99 Violet May George Margaret Morris Brick Carter St. Peters.

17/2/85 Edith Maud William Vincent Ayres Sophia Moseley Brickmaker St. Peters

2/3/58 Ellen Elizabeth George Elizabeth Mould Brickmaker Waterloo Flats

18/9/96 Henry Edward Henry Harriet Moulder Brickmaker Marrickville.

4/2/50 James Henry James Wiliiam Sarah Murphy Brickmaker Newtown Rd.

28/3/57 Alice Samuel Anne Myers Brickmaker St. Peters

8/11/83 Florence William Mary A. Newburn Brickmaker St. Peters

22/12/47 William John Elizabeth Newcome Brickmaker Newtown Parish of

17/9/88 Eva Louisa William Emma Louisa Newton Brickmaker Hurstville Millett St.

3/12/88 Joseph John Joseph Georgina Jane Newton Brickmaker Florence St.

4/4/59 Alice Louise Peter Sarah Ogden Brickmaker Enmore Newtown

19/11/83 William James William Ellen Ogden Brickmaker Marrickville Albert St.

19/4/86 Alfred Peter Henry Alexander Mary Ann Ogden Brickmaker French St.

2/11/84 Lucy Elizabeth John Henry Sarah Jane Onley Brickmaker St. Peters Church St.

8/3/89 Wilfred John William Annie Onley Brickmaker Mary St.

31/7/53 Mary Jane Henry Elizabeth Osborne Brickmaker Newtown

25/2/77 William Joseph William Clara Ellen Palmer Brickmaker Marrickville Sydenham Rd.

17/8/61 Samuel William Charlotte Parker Brickmaker St. Peters

2/7/88 Caroline Charles Henry Catherine Parker Brickmaker Gordon Terrace

14/9/83 Elizabeth Adelaide John Sarah A. Patterson Brickmaker Hutchinson St.

30/8/72 Margaret Ford John Lizzie (Elizabeth) Ford Pattison Brickmaker Newtown

21/11/78 Keziah James Henry Elizabeth Payne Brickmaker Marrickville

13/11/79 Albert Thomas Thomas Isabel Payne Brickmaker Marrickville Chapel St.

25/10/97 William Joseph Giles William John Mary Elizabeth Pearce Brickmaker Dapto.

9/7/82 Lucy Winifred Isaac Mary Peers Brickmaker Waterloo Rd.

9/9/86 John William Simpson William _______ Pell Brick Carter Hutchison St.

1/7/55 Ruth William Sarah Pendleton Brickmaker Waterloo Estate

5/11/57 Sarah Anne William Alice Penfold Brickmaker Petersham

21/2/82 William George Charles W. Mary A. Penfold Brickmaker St. Peters

17/6/43 Fanny Sarah Thomas Sarah Elizabeth Perigo Brickmaker Newtown

25/10/55 William Robert John Sarah Perrin Brickmaker St. Peters

26/12/82 Jane Maud May James Richard Alison Pimm Brickmaker Lackey St.

10/6/39 Richard Henry Sarah Playford Goodin Brickmaker Newtown

30/6/55 William John Hannah Plowman Brickmaker Newtown

15/8/66 Jane John Mary Pogson Brickmaker Newtown (born Wagga Wagga)

9/5/54 Charles Henry James Matilda Pont Brickmaker Waterloo Estate

25/2/54 John Charles Percy Susannah Campbell Pratt Brickmaker Beulah

16/4/ Freddy William Charlotte Pride Brick Carter Vickery’s Terrace

30/5/59 Isaac William Caroline Puckeridge Brickmaker Botany

26/11/39 Mary Richard Amelia Puckridge Hughes Brickmaker Parramatta Road

8/3/81 Beatrice Lettie Honor Levi Betsy C. Purdy Brick Carter Robert St.

23/7/92 Levi William Margaret Purdy Brick Carter Campbell St.

6/12/44 John John Eliza Ransom Brickmaker Newtown

16/5/88 Hannah Kate Charles Louisa Reynolds Brick Carter Campbell St. 4 Bradfield Terrace

18/2/81 Ernest William William Arthur Louisa Richards Brickmaker St. Peters Church St.

23/3/90 Gwenney (Private Baptism)Thomas Julia Harriet Roberts Brickmaker Goodsell St.

1/5/95 Mary Ednor Thomas William Ednor Robinson Brickmaker St. Peters. Unwins Bridge Rd.

21/11/92 Arthur Clifford Samuel Ada Routley Brickmaker Macdonaldtown.

28/10/72 Arthur John Melina Rufsell Brickmaker St. Peters

17/7/89 Cecil Edgar John Melena Russell Brick Carter Hutchinson St.

19/7/95 Vera Muriel Frederick Jennie Russell Brick Carter St. Peters. Hutchinson St.

10/8/98 Albert John Albert Euphemia Russell Brick Carter St. Peters. Lacky St.

7/12/74 Florence William Mary Rutter-Farrant Brickmaker St. Peters May Street

12/9/94 George Henry Frederick Hannah Sargent Brick Carter St. Peters. Campbell St.

24/4/44 Thomas Thomas Mary Ann Scott Brickmaker Newtown

2/6/86 Alfred Ernest Stuckey Georgina Sealey Brickmaker Albert St.

18/6/90 Ethel Jessie Maud Frederick Anna Hales Sergeant Brick Carter Campbell St.

14/6/81 Charles Henry Sydney Mary Shipway Brick Carter Marrickville Albert St.

6/5/54 Matthew Henry William Susanna Shortnefs Brickmaker Stanmore

29/11/56 Rosetta John Martha Simpson Brickmaker Petersham

7/7/86 Samuel Thomson John Mary Simpson Brickmaker Camden St.

21/1/92 Harold James Henry Charles Edith Smith Brick Carter Hutchinson St.

16/11/44 Mary Anne George Bridget Smith Brickmaker Newtown Duke’s Farm

4/12/57 Thomas Henry Thomas Mary Anne Smith Brickmaker St. Peters

30/9/61 Mary Anne Alfred Sarah Smith Brickmaker St. Peters

2/10/76 Whitbread Samuel Whitbread Mary Ann Smith Brickmaker St. Peters

9/6/76 William Sydney William Mary Ann Smith Brickmaker Ashfield

30/5/77 Susannah Uylbia John Sophia Smith Brickmaker St. Peters

15/10/75 Thomas Alfred Sarah Smith Brickmaker St. Peters

27/10/78 Annie Esther Edward Mary Smith Brickmaker St. Peters

19/4/79 William John Sydney Sarah Smith Brickmaker Camperdown

21/12/82 Gertrude Mary Ann Thomas H. Nellie Smith Brickmaker Church St.

24/3/83 Thomas William Fanny Smith Brickmaker Waterloo Flat

28/12/82 Fredrick Charles Thomas Priscilla Smith Brickmaker Druitt Town

23/9/87 William Henry Henry Charles Edith Sarah Smith Brickmaker Unwins Bridge Rd.

8/4/90 Oswald Albert John Thomas Mercy Smith Brickmaker Maria St.

2/2/39 Jane Eliza Samuel Eliza Smith Norman Brickmaker Newtown

8/6/87 ? Walter James Walter Ann South Brickmaker St. Peters Church St.

6/11/76 Alfred Philip Alfred Emily Eliza Speechley Brickmaker St. Peters Alfred St.

9/5/84 Joseph Charles Philip Joseph Eva Speechley Brickmaker Holmesdale St.

8/11/85 Ada May Philip Mary Ann Speechley Brickmaker Alfred St.

29/1/86 Arthur William Alfred Emily Eliza Speechley Brickmaker Cooks River

26/12/87 Hida Annie Alfred Emily Speechley Brickmaker Cooks River

23/12/77 Charlotte Joseph Eva Speechly Brickmaker St. Peters Alfred St.

26/9/78 William William Harriett Spittlehouse Brickmaker St. Peters

1/7/90 Rosanna William Annie Spittlehouse Brickmaker Church St.

10/6/86 Lily May Louis Ellen Stahl Brickmaker Church St.

9/6/78 Emily Charles Caroline Standen Brickmaker St. Peters Brown St

20/5/55 Sarah Ann Thomas E. Mary Staunton Brickmaker Waterloo Estate

27/7/50 Robert George Mary Stephenson Brickmaker Duke’s Farm

19/9/85 Alice May James Sarah Stevenson Brick Carter Newtown Alice St.

7/11/82 Frances Fanny William Mary Stewart Brickmaker Macdonaldtown. Toogood St.

20/10/89 Ivy Emmeline Henry Sarah Jane Stewart Brickyard Labourer Barwon Park Rd.

7/11/42 Mary Ann John Ann Stone Brickmaker Newtown

2/1/57 Eliza Ann Frederick Ann Stuart Brickmaker Newtown

27/6/81 Joseph John Elam Mary Ann Stuckey Brickmaker St. Peters

30/10/84 Henry John Sealy Georgina Stuckey Brickmaker St. Peters Albert St.

26/6/56 Charles William Charles Christiana Sutton Brickmaker Ashfield

7/12/86 John Alexander George Christopher Isabella Euphemia Swinbourne Brickmaker Cooks R. Rd.

12/5/83 Adelaide William Maryann Talbot Brickmaker St. Peters Brown St.

9/7/58 Randolph Joseph Sarah Tattersall Brickmaker St. Peters

13/1/80 Sarah Charlotte Joseph Ellen Tattersall Brickmaker St. Peters Hutchinson St.

28/1/89 Walter Robert Edward George Henry Clara Maud Thom Brickmaker Garden St.

28/12/86 John Henry John Sarah Thompson Brickmaker Macdonaldtown Devine St.

6/10/62 Alice David Mary Anne Tuck Brickmaker St. Peters

13/1/81 Ethel Alice Maud Albert Maria Tuck Brickmaker St. Peters

25/8/54 Alice Alfred Rebecca Turner Brickmaker Stanmore

22/5/74 Mary Maud Henry Mary Ann Turner Brickmaker Newtown Road

?/10/81 Frederick Thomas Henry Louisa Turner Brickmaker St. Peters Albert St

23/8/94 Annie Mildred Adelaide Henry Wallis (?) Jessie Sarah Ann Turvy BrickmakerSt. Peters.

25/3/65 Harriett Maria Horace Mary Ann Tye Brickmaker St. Peters

12/12/65 Alfred Stephen Thomas Ann Maria Tye Brickmaker Waterloo

5/5/87 Richard Thomas Richard William Eliza Vanderfield Brickmaker Albert St.

23/10/83 Edgar Thomas Emma Venables Brickmaker Unwins Bridge Rd.

4/3/60 William Joseph William Elizabeth Walker Brickmaker St. Peters

5/6/72 Alice Maude Henry Mary Ann Walker Brickmaker St. Peters

22/10/85 Henrietta May Joseph Mary Ann Walker Brickmaker Campbell St.

3/10/86 ? Edith May Samuel Louisa Walker Brickmaker Campbell St. Next Mr. Lee

20/6/93 Edward Ernest Edward Ernest Emily May Walker Brickmaker Barwon Park Rd.

7/10/99 Herbert Roy Edward Catherine Wallker Brick Carter St. Peters.

8/12/98 Amy Elizabeth Alfred George Emma Elizabeth Walshall Brick Carter Newtown. Maria St.

20/10/44 Sarah Jane Samuel Martha Walters Brickmaker Newtown

12/10/52 George Henry George Jane Walters Brickmaker Newtown

6/9/76 William Alfred William Edwin Annie Washington (Garwell) Brickmaker St. Peters May St.

23/5/98 Ethel May Matilda Alfred Mary Wasley Brick Carter St. Peters. Cooks River Rd.

5/6/97 Frederick Norman George Edward Janet Marie Waugh Brick Setter St. Peters.

1/10/81 Ida May Joshua R. Elizabeth Waugh Brickmaker Brown St.

2/7/88 Elsie Janet George Edward Janet Mary Waugh Brickmaker Frederick St.

15/11/86 Frederick Benjamin Elizabeth Waugh Brickmaker Crown St.

14/5/93 Mary Emma Arthur John Julia Webb Brickmaker Newtown. May St.

13/12/42 Mary Ann Orphan Samuel Eliza Welham Brickmaker Newtown

4/4/81 John Henry Joseph Emily Westwood Brick Burner St. Peters

6/1/79 Benjamin Stengare Joseph Emily Westwood Brickmaker Marrickville

19/7/84 Nina Rubina John Annie Westwood Brickmaker St. Peters Church St.

9/12/84 Phoebe Lillian Samuel Phoebe Westwood Brickmaker St. Peters Church St.

29/8/86 Hannah Edith John Hannah Westwood Brickmaker Macdonaldtown Dray St.

25/5/82 Frederick Benjamin John Fanny Westwood Brickmaker St. Peters

10/3/86 Lilian Mary William Henry Emily Elizabeth Whitcock Brick Carter Angel St.

3/9/91 Mabel Alexander Mary Eliza White Brickmaker Lackey St. No.11.

13/2/84 Ethel May John C. Mary Whittingham Brickmaker Lackey St.

25/3/64 Ellen John Ellen Wilcox Brickmaker Marrickville

26/3/68 Emily Daniel Mary Wildman Brickmaker St. Peters

19/3/47 Samuel Ewing Eliza Wilkinson Brickmaker Enmore

15/8/49 Jane Irving Eliza Wilkinson Brickmaker Enmore

5/5/52 Thomas Erwin Eliza Wilkinson Brickmaker Cooks River

?/11/56 Elizabeth George Eliza Wilkinson Brickmaker Waterloo Estate

1/8/99 Marjorie Jane Thomas Mabel Williams Brick Carter Erskineville.

18/1/81 Martha Jane James C. Mary A. Williams Brickmaker Maria St.

27/3/83 Foster Herbert Joseph Ellen Williams Brickmaker Brown St.

7/8/78 Priscilla Mercy William Thomas Mary Ann Willick Brickmaker St. Peters

24/9/83 Lily Maud David George Sarah A. Wilson Brick Carter St. Peters

9/4/85 Getrude Grace Frederick James Emily Priscilla Wilson Brickwork Manager St. Peters.

25/7/87 Queenie Arthur Annie Wilson Hollingshead Brick Carter John Street No.4.

12/10/65 Margaret Harriett Elizabeth Joseph Eliza Wood Brickmaker St. Peters

17/2/90 Charles Edward William Henry Emily Elizabeth Woodcock Brick Carter Enmore.

8/4/83 Arthur William Isabella Woodhams Brickmaker Victoria St.

23/3/79 William James Parr Robert Violet W. Woods Brickmaker Brown St.

25/9/82 William Peter James Susan Wright Brickmaker Lackey St.

14/3/91 Elizabeth Ellen Gertrude Alfred Sarah Wright Brickmaker Marrickville. Denby St.

28/1/88 Emily Joseph Elizabeth Wyatt Brick Burner Hurstville

22/8/86 Walter Joseph Elizabeth Wyatt Brickmaker Devine St. No.8

9/5/78 Andrew James James Martha Wyvill Brickmaker St. Peters